S.O.K Design is a Jakarta-based architecture and interior design firm with a broad range of experties in residential, office, hospitality, and commercial projects. We offer full range of architectural and interior design services from programming, design conceptualization, space planning, design development and details, construction documents to on-site construction management and quality control.


S.O.K Design works with full dedication and vision to create a functional and sustainable living working spaces, promoting stories behind the works, innovations and sophisticated spaces deisgn to maximazed the enjoyment of life and well being.


We accomodate each client’s individual and specific needs and aesthetic values ad dedicate ourselves to make them into reality. Our direct involvement in every aspect of rhe projects development and construction, while managing good relationship with our client, contractors and vendors. is to ensure that our clients get the highest quality finished product that could be achieved.


S.O.K Design was founded by Jonathan Lau and Willy Winata in Jakarta, Indonesia in late 2019.

Jonathan Lau

Jonathan co-founded S.O.K Design and is principal in charge of Architecture and Interior Design.

Jonathan has experience as a designer for one of the best architecture interior design firm in Indonesia, Domisilium Studio, for 2 years before he continued his studies in UK where he earned his master degree in Design and Management of Sustainable Built Environments.

Willy Winata

Willy co founded S.O.K Design and is principal in charge of Architecture and Interior Design.

Willy has experience as a designer at FSAD and Magi Design studio for 4 years. He studied architecture at Tarumanagara University where he earned his Bachelor degree of Architecture.